Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moral Discipline

Our friend didn’t quit smoking, but there was progress made. She understands a little more why she does it and is praying for direction and strength. She needs to want it more. We did have an awesome lesson with her in the Albrecht’s home on the plan of Salvation. It’s been fantastic to see how the Lord directs this work. We try to pray about the homes we teach her in and it’s been awesome. Every home we’ve been in has been the home in which we needed to teach that particular lesson. We needed to teach the restoration in the Conner’s home, we needed to teach the stop smoking workshop in the Thorne’s home and we so needed to teach the plan of salvation in the Albrecht’s home. The spirit was so strong and our friend got some answers she has been searching for for a long time. She is out of town this week, but will be back next week. We’re still trying to find a home. We’re teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The family who had a really hard week the week before last was doing much better when we saw them this week. He read his patriarchal blessing and she is going to be done with another semester of school this week so to celebrate we are having dinner and a lesson at their house. This past week we read 3Nephi11 with her. It went really well. When we read we’re able to answer questions when they come up and clarify what the scriptures mean.

We are now seeing another less active in the ward on a weekly basis.. It’s taken a long time to get her to open up. We’re teaching her the lessons. She’s awesome. She is trying so hard to become active again. She stayed for all three hours of church this week. She said she wanted to try the singles ward. We’re going to get her to meet up with another young single adult so they can go together. They are going to end up being best friends. I know it.

Frank was not at church. BUT! An 18 year old kid showed up on his own because he feels “a little lost with his faith”.  He is awesome! He goes to Gonzaga prep and “isn’t into the catholic thing”. His parents are divorced and he now has our number. He made it seem like he planned on coming to church every Sunday. We’re going to call him mid week and try to set up an appt. He lives with his dad and so we’re hoping to teach them both. When we asked him if he was staying for the last hour he was like, “I dunno” so I said, “would you like to stay for the third hour?” And he said “I would love to stay for the third hour.” So we showed him where it was and he stayed. It was awesome.

We met with another new guy this week. He’s awesome. We’re excited to teach him. This has been a long time coming. We’ve been looking for him since we got here! We’ve had his name and his story but no address. For a LONG TIME. He was given to us as a referral from a non-member while tracting. His wife just died of cancer in December and he has been searching for truth for a long time. 

I spoke in church on Sunday on moral discipline using H. David Burton’s last conference address, “Let virtue garnish thy thoughts”.  It went well.  It was weird to prepare a talk on zero time and no computer, but it went well. The whole sacrament meeting my thoughts were focused on moral discipline and during the intermediate hymn I watched the Choir director direct the music. I could hear Sister Crump singing above the rest. As I listened and watched I could tell she was watching and following the lead of the Choir director. Seeing him, thinking about it, and then following his instructions. She is a very good, very experienced singer.  She could probably sing the song on her own and have it sound fantastic, but it would have thrown off the whole choir. The choir director set an example and guided and directed the song. Sister Crump is not only a good vocalist, but she is a disciplined vocalist. Likewise, Christ has set the example and guides and directs our lives. In turn we are expected to watch it, think about it, and follow it! We can chose not to, but it would thrown off our eternity. When we follow His example we are not only being our fantastic selves, but we are being a morally disciplined version of our fantastic selves. (A much better version of our selves).

I know this gospel is true. It changes peoples live and blesses families. It brings people closer to God and gives them a connection to heaven that they can’t find anywhere else. I love being able to share it with people and I am in no hurry to stop doing so.

I love this work. I love you all.


Sister Bailey.

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