Monday, July 19, 2010

Holiness to the Lord.

July 13, 2010

     Transfers. I am still in Nauvoo and I am now companions with Sister Bitter. She was Sister Cordoba's MTC companion. Pageant has been fantastic. I knew it would be. It has also had it's struggles, and I knew it would. That's one perk on your second summer, you know what's coming.

     There is a family here on the family cast from the Mica Peak ward! The Lake family! I love seeing them light up as they tell me the different miracles they've seen each day. It been so good to serve with them. They are a fantastic family.

     I'm excited for this next transfer. I feel like I have so many blatant growing opportunities in front of me. The theme of my summer this year is "what happened next". The Lord has blessed me with "what happened next" glimpses into the lives of those I see here in Nauvoo. Somehow, word gets back to me of something that happened next, they turned in referrals, they bore a testimony they didn't think they had, they resolved to read the Book of Mormon, they made it to the person they needed to see. One instance happened just yesterday. I had met a couple early in the morning and took them on a very short tour due to time. They didn't have very much time at all. They were non-members and had a lot of questions. I did my best to answer and then sent them on there way. They had asked me what they should see before they leave. I said a quick prayer in my heart and sent them to the Heber C. Kimball house after bearing a short testimony. The thought crossed my mind to tell them about the referral card and then came an assurance that doesn't come very often, "the person they need to see is at the Heber C. Kimball home. They will take care of them". They left, I prayed and then went on with my day. I was grabbing some lunch in the basement and trying to eat around the Young Performing Missionaries so I didn't get in any one's way when Sister Murdock came up and asked me if I had been serving in the morning. I said that I had and she asked me who had sent "Tim and Evett" to the Heber C. Kimball home. I said that I had. She burst into a recounting of what had happened. She said they walked in and told them that a sister at the visitor's center had told them to see that home before they left Nauvoo. Sister Chambers took them on a tour and ended up stringing the Joseph Smith story through out the tour. They took a Book of Mormon, said that they had "felt good" while they were here, and filled out a referral card. Sister Chambers had told Sister Murdock that she "needed that". I was able to see Sister Chambers later and thank her for taking care of them. We were able to rejoice in the miracle we were both blessed to be apart of. It was so wonderful. If Sister Murdock hadn't shared I never would have known. I would have known that I had been prompted to send them there, but I would not have been able to know what happened next. It was fantastic. Things like that have been happening all summer for me. Little "By the way" tender mercies that could only be arranged by God Himself. I have been so grateful for every single one. They are miracles, but only to me. Heavenly Father really does express His love and answer prayers the way each of His children will receive them and can recognized them.   

     Zone conference was fantastic. I am so grateful to to President and Sister Ludwig for all the hard work that they do. I remembered each talk from last year, but received such different revelation. I love how the scriptures and the spirit work like that, molding to you and He molds you. They give you what you need to keep going and moving forward. During companionship study Sister Bitter read a scripture. I can't remember the reference, but it talked about moving mountains and being supported by Him. The last line says, "Therefore, walk with Me". Sister Bitter shared it because she felt power as she read it, and she was right. It was a powerful scripture. It reminded me how powerful each of us becomes when we "walk with Him". We must be moving, and we must be moving forward, because that is the direction He is heading in. When we "walk with Him" we become powerful.

     Anyway, during Zone conference, I received two main treasures of revelation.  The first came from the movie about John Rowe Moyle, a man who was a Stone mason on the SLC temple and had His leg removed just bellow the knee. He made a wooden leg and continued to walk the 20 or so miles to Salt Lake in order to fulfill his calling. He is the one who chiseled out "Holiness to the Lord" over the door to the Temple.   As I watched I resolved to spend a life time in His service. And I will.

I love you all I love this work. I love Nauvoo.  

Sister Bailey

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