Thursday, September 2, 2010

I know

August 31, 2010

This p-day is not going exactly as planned, but it will be good. All of my companions, this summer and last, have been exactly what I needed when I had them. Sister Hamano is no different. I have learned so much from her just by her sheer example and she is EXACTLY who I needed the transfer before I leave. She is the best listener I've ever met and is going to do incredible things where ever the Lord calls her. She has been such a healing balm in for me. I love her.

At the last ice cream social we had as Sisters, Sister Johnson and I just sat on the couch and talked about missionary work and how fantastic it all is. We also talked about the love that Heavenly Father has for His children and all the care that goes into bringing us home, back to Him. I love Him! I love His purposes and His ways! I love that He lets us help Him bring His work forward, I know that He could very well do it by Himself, but He lets us be a part of it. I love this work. I am so grateful for the diligence the Lord exercises in each of our lives, for our happiness, for our well being. Sometimes I wonder if He ever gets giddy as He plans " She (or he) is going to LOVE this" and I wonder how He feels when we don't recognize those blessings. In all His perfect love for us I would imagine He just feels a greater resolve to help us feel His love for us. I love His Love. I love how we have more of it the more we share it. I love how we can struggle with the same problems over and over and over again and how patiently He waits to help us. I am grateful.
We went out into Quincy and went tracting as Sisters, at least half of us did. We're going again on Thursday. It felt so good to be out on the street again just talking to people and sharing the gospel. People are so prepared. Just through short conversations they ask questions I've been able to know the answer to my whole life. Questions that are answered by the Book of Mormon and the temple and the Prophets on the earth. We met so many wonderful people. It actually made my love for Nauvoo grow, to understand and talk with and love the people in the surrounding communities. I am so excited to go again. It feels so good. I know that there is a Prophet on the earth named Thomas S. Monson. God speaks through Him the same way He did through Moses and Abraham and Issac. The authority to act in God's name is on the earth and the work of God is going forward. Families are forever. Jesus is the Christ.

We went to the temple today. It was wonderful and I, as I usually do, received some much needed comfort and clarity not to mention revelation while in that Holy House.

You will have to forgive me. I know this letter is short, but I find myself becoming shorter and shorter in words and longer and longer in thought. If that makes any sense.

I love you all.
Helaman 5:12

Sister Bailey

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