Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I’m pleasantly surprised to say that I am staying in Liberty Lake. I really felt like I was going to get the boot. It really did a number on me this week too. I spent a lot of time trying to come to terms with it. Sister Bruner and I are parting ways. She is headed to Hayden Lake to be with Sister Adams who is heading to Mongolia in about three weeks, so that will kind of be a weird set up. She’ll get a new companion mid-transfer and at this point the source of that new companion is not really clear because we have an even number of sisters in the mission now. She’s very excited to move on from Liberty Lake. She spent 7 ½ months in her first area and, ever since, doesn’t like being in one place for too long. She will be missed by the members as well as myself. I’m excited to fall in love with Sister Salisbury. Sister Bruner was companions with her once and loves her. I’ve met her twice. She seems really sweet.
We’ve been “on the edge” of stellar investigators for a while now. It’s a little disheartening actually. But we have some appointments with some of them this week so hopefully things will begin to look up.
The investigator that we gave to the elders is still really progressing in the gospel. Her daughter Brittany is also. It’s so good to hear that she’s been able to make it to the lessons. Her (Brittany’s) schedule never let her make it when we were teaching.
Good things are happening in Liberty Lake.
Eric is still the best. Whenever he interacts with us I really feel the joy of missionary work. I’m never very prepared for it and it’s overwhelming every time.
       We had a little miracle this past week. A couple showed up to church that we had met in the parking lot of an apartment complex just as they were moving in. They were exhausted and we offered to call in the troops for them. As we made calls to the Bishop, the Elder’s quorum president, and some other strong members we found out that the woman is a member of the church! She’s not been very active for about three years and is ready to come back. Her fiance is not a member. It was SO good to see them in church! They are some of the best people I’ve met! They are so welcoming and so open. We’re hoping to tech them so that they can be sealed in the temple for eternity! Another small miracle was that she was very nervous about seeing a family in our ward who use to be her in-laws. She saw them at church and it was absolutely wonderful. It was such a good reunion and there was so much love. We’re going to see them later this week and are looking forward to the visit.
       The Fentons were also in church this Sunday. Brother Fenton has been opening up to us and they’ve been talking about wanting to be sealed in the temple!!!
I love missionary work. I love to see the light. I love to see the joy shine through people's faces amidst adversity. I love everything about this work. I love it.  My testimony is strengthened everyday. We’ve hit some hard spots and had some struggles here in Liberty Lake, but I feel like it’s because we’re on the verge of something good. The really good things in life generally come after we can’t stand the heat or pressure any longer. As much as the adversary pokes and prods I know that this work is completely in the Lord’s hands and, after all, He knows exactly how much we can take. As we turn to him all the trials, all the heat, and all the pressure will make us better. It’s when we try to take things into our own hands that we then get burned.
God be with you.

Sister Bailey

Moroni 7
"Have miracles ceased? I say unto you nay! Niether have angels ceased to administer among men."

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