Friday, June 26, 2009

Hello Hello I am On A Mission

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This last week was really different and really good. Sister Brinkerhoff and I served on NRI (Nauvoo Restoration Inc.) on Thursday. It was my first time and I loved it!!!!! LOVED IT. We painted fence pickets for the Scovil Bakery while we listened to conference talks (speaking of conference talks someone has borrowed and misplaced my conference Ensign :( Those things are like gold! Besides my mommy sent it to me!). We painted in a warehouse because it was cold and wet outside. The whole place smelled thick of paint and paint thinner. It sent me back to the summer of '07 when I worked for Webb Signs with Marshall Cottingham. What an awesome summer.
On Saturday we were the first sisters ever to serve with "Nauvoo on the road", which is basically a missionary's version of a road trip! We packed up a ton of stuff in a trailer, decked ourselves out in Pioneer clothes, and headed for Quincy to help out at a "friends of log cabins" event. We didn't really know what that meant at first, we were just happy to be there! Come to find out there are some really old log cabins that are being threatened to be torn down and these people have all gotten together to save them. It was neat! and fun. Sister Brinkerhoff and I taught people how to make candles and play pioneer games. I don't mean to brag, but I would have been one rockin' pioneer kid. You get good at those games when that's all you're doing all day. It was so fun. A man that was there with his family thought I was a thespian until he saw my tag. This opened up a great conversation about our basic beliefs, that yes, we do believe in the bible! and Yes, Christ is my savior, my rock, my redeemer, my all! We also talked about our beliefs when it comes to the trinity, how they are three separate beings. God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. That they are one, but one in purpose, the same way in which a mother and a father are one in purpose. The same way that we may be one if we strive for that unity the prophets and apostles have called for. Anyway, it was awesome. A really great way to end the transfer.
Transfers. Transfers were on Sunday. I am back in Carthage. My new companion is Sister Aston. She is a stellar missionary and really has her mind on the work. The past 24 hours have been great! Sister Goodrich (one of my first companions here in Nauvoo) has come back to Carthage with me and we are living in the same apartment. In Nauvoo we were roommates! It is nice to be back. In fact, transfers couldn't have gone better for me. I wanted to go back to Carthage, but I wanted to make sure I loved Nauvoo before I left. And I do! I love it. I have also been saying all transfer that "if the Lord has need for me in Carthage again I wouldn't have any complaints". I am true to my word. Not a one! It should be a good transfer.
There is an exhibit here now that has been in Kirkland (Ohio) for a while but now it has come here. It is a series of statues that depict different events in the Savior's life. They are really powerful. They are done by an LDS artist and should be here through December after which they are headed to.......drum roll please........THE D.C. TEMPLE VISITOR CENTER!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO and the crowd goes wild!!! Seriously though, you should go see it. It should be there sometime after Christmas. Go see it. Go see it again! Bring a friend! My gosh, please bring a friend. Mom, Dad, Lindsey, bring Marshall and Dan. They would absolutely LOVE IT.
The BYU ball room dancers have been here all week and will be here all this week. They are fantastic.
My favorite part of transfers is probably our president's interviews. President Ludwig is so caring and so inspired. I had so many questions answered about things and we just have the best conversations.

I'm working on pictures I promise. Preparation Days are absolutely insane.

Sister Bailey.

Helaman 5:12 And Ether 12:4!

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