Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Four months minus 3 days

Transfers. Again? Really? I don't feel like I've even blinked since the last time I wrote about transfers. I am back in Nauvoo. I have not spent more than four weeks in one place the entire four months I've been out. Four weeks in the MTC, four weeks in Carthage, four weeks in Nauvoo, four weeks in Carthage, and the next four weeks in Nauvoo. I'm convinced I'm going to switch every transfer. I wouldn't mind. Rexburg gave me a tiny taste of the gypsy life with six months at school and six months in D.C. Illinois is just helping me refine my packing skills.
My new companion is Sister Meyer. She is a signing Sister from Hollywood California and use to walk around Disneyland in a giant Sponge Bob Square Pants suit. Yep, Sponge Bob is serving a mission! Seriously though, she's hilarious and we get along great! It's a give-give relationship.....meaning we're both giving. Does that make sense? It's fun to brush up on signing too. Boy, am I rusty. I printed out a ton of pictures today so, family, when ever I have time I will be sending them your way. They're mostly people pictures of companions and Senior couples. Hopefully you like them.
Pageant is up and running. This makes for long days, but good days. We have different assignments every night such as seating, post greeting, water kiosk, missionary kiosk, pioneer games, pre-show greeting, watching, etc. Sometimes we don't get home until 11:20 at night. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am dragging at this point. This Sunday is going to be our little "sociable" thing. The one where we sing our guts out. It should be good. The program is so good. Sister Stagg and Sister Reece have been in charge and they have done a fantastic job. It is the only opportunity we have to teach this many people all at once and as Sisters. And teach we do! The theme is "Because of the Restoration, This is what we know". I'll send a program if there ends up being one. It teaches from the Great Apostasy when truth was lost then uses music to teach the Restoration. The most embarrassing thing about it is that they are taping it and it's my understanding that we get a copy. So some of you might end up watching it.
Nauvoo is Nauvoo and although it's pace is picking up it's pretty constant, so sorry if my e-mails get continually shorter. I just don't want to make you guys read the same things over and over again.
OH! This week I gave a tour in the Visitor's Center to a family from Colorado Springs! They said they knew some Baileys and I said "Stan and Linda?", and they said, "No. We know a Jon and Becky Bailey". I almost knocked them out of their seats when I exclaimed, "Jon and Becky!!!!! Jon is my Cousin! I LOVE JON AND BECKY!" We talked for a while and then they went on their way just like all the visitors do. It's hard to fall in love with people who are just passing through.

I will never be able to describe accurately how amazing Nauvoo is. Just come and see.

Love you all,
Sister Bailey

P.S. 2Nephi 9:52

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