Friday, June 18, 2010

Nothing but Christ

June 15, 2010

We just came from the temple. The spirit there was very sweet, very quiet. I loved it. I love the temple.

Transfers were on Sunday, New companion: SIster Pulleyn! I am so excited for this up coming transfer. If there is only one sister in Nauvoo that I could learn something from (which there isn't, there are 21) it would be Sister Pulleyn. She is one of the happiest people I have ever met. She is from Reno Nevada. She has walked a different side of life than I have and she wears the Savior on her face. I want to do that always! I cannot wait to get to know her better and to share insights with her and to love her and to serve with her. She is amazing. She made up of nothing but silver linings and those warm spots in front of the window when the sun is shining. I served with her in Carthage our first transfer, so I know her a little bit, but I cant wait to get to know her more.

I have noticed something over the past couple weeks since we have been back from our winter assignment. A change that has taken place, one that I am very happy about. Last year I would, along with everyone else, guess what would happen at transfers. As I settled on the thing I wanted least, the thing that scared me most, that would be the result. If the thought of something made me particularly uncomfortable, that would be the thing that Lord had in mind. I began this summer by guessing what would happen at transfers by how uncomfortable I felt. When I spent my first night in Carthage my first thought was "don't get too comfortable". I was sure I was leaving because it made me uncomfortable. But then I stayed. As time has gone on I have realized that I am much more comfortable and sensitive to the confirmations of the spirit. It has helped me in my service here also. I have more confidence and I feel more directed. When transfers came the first time I felt most at peace with moving to Nauvoo, but the thought of being split from Sister Cordoba made me uncomfortable. We both moved to Nauvoo together! This transfer, although leaving Sister Cordoba made me sad, I felt so peaceful about receiving a new companion. I also felt peace about staying in Nauvoo. It leads me to believe that over the past 15 months I have been better able to align my will with Gods. Which fills me with a great amount of peace and happiness. I have felt my relationship with my Heavenly Father grow ever stronger over time. I love His counsel. I love to be taught by Him. He is probably the only one I do enjoy being "taught" by.

I have been reading Jesus the Christ (by James Talmage) lately. I want to finish before I go home, but I don't know if that will happen because I pick everything apart as I go, so I end up moving slowly. But I love it. This week I studied both the parable of the hidden treasure and the pearl of great price. Both talk about the kingdom of God. In the hidden treasure a man finds his treasure in a field. He then sells everything he has and buys the field so that the treasure can be his. In the pearl of great price the man's life is centered on finding pearls and gems. When he does find the "pearl of great price" after so long and so hard of searching he sells every gem and pearl he has ever collected over the years and buys that one great pearl to have and to keep.

The man in the hidden treasure parable reminded me of people who happen to stumble on the gospel or are born into member homes, the search is almost non-existent, but the price is still his all.

The man in the pearl of great price reminds me of those whom I have met who have been searching all their lives for the gospel. I have known some of them in my life time. I could picture their faces in my minds eye as I read, some of them are still searching. They pick up many good and lovely things, but when they find the whole truth, the truth that will save them, there is still much to be sacrificed. All other gems and pearls must be given up.  Those lovely and choice things, they must be willing to give them up to have a place in the kingdom.

I have also met and sometimes known those who will search and search and acquire and acquire and then when the truth that will save them is in front of them they choose to trade salvation for their good and lovely things. Those things may not even be inherently bad, but the cost is still the same.... everything they have. It doesn't matter how you gain a testimony, or even if you do gain a testimony, what matters is what you are willing to do to keep it and to progress. It cost your all. It is worth every penny, every tradition, every ounce of pride in you. Nothing is so worth it's cost.


Nothing but Christ.

Sister Bailey

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