Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Anne's Mom is senile or Time to play catch up
(You choose the most appropriate title!)

Okay, so this is Anne's mom. I talked with Anne today! She got to call me while she was at the Salt Lake City airport waiting for her flight to Nauvoo. She sounded great. I asked her if she would be sending any emails and she sounded surprised and said she had already sent three. I told her I hadn't received any. She then told me she was sending them to my gmail account. Well.....I forgot I had a gmail account! We set it up just before she left and I forgot...what can I say? I am old and forgetful! I have been looking for email on my aol account and just figured she was only sending letters through the mail. Whoops...my bad. So below are the three emails that I should have been posting weekly. Hope you have a little time to read. Now that I remember I have a gmail account I'll be sure and check it. Here are emails from Anne's past three weeks in the MTC...

March 25th
Week 1

It has been one week since I left and things are great! I hope things are going great at home. The MTC is wonderful, alot of work, but so worth it. I am so blessed to have this time to learn all that I can before I go out into the world. The Lord really does look after us in ways we cannot comprehend. My companion's name is Sister Parker. She is heaven sent. She is so strong where I am so weak. She is from bountiful Utah. Our love for this gospel and our teestimonies of God and his plan of happiness for us build off one another. There are six Sisters to a room but for the past week we've only had four. It's been nice to have the space, but that ends today! Two new Sisters who are going to be learning spainish are moving in today and we are excited to meet them. Sister Parker and I's roommates names are Sister Hudson (Washington State, serving in Pheonix AZ!) and Sister Urquijo (You're-Key-Ho)(orrigionally from Columbia, baptized into the Church at ten years old and immigrated to canada serving in Toronto canada). They are great! we are all really close. Us and the Elders in our District!!! They are so funny and really can bring the spirit into the room when they sing! we got two of them to do a solo for us of the first verse of a hymn and they we joined,. The spirit is always there to testify of the truth in those hymns, but my goodness the feeling in the room after those two sang!! There is Elder Van Bruggen and Elder Baker(one of the singers). They're the canadians. And they are so funny!Then there is Elder Beard (Idaho, serving in Pheonix AZ and our inspired Dirsrict leader!probably the funniest too) and Elder Mijares (Me-har-es) (The example of the bunch. kindo of shy, but so cute when he comes out of his shell, also serving in pheonix AZ). The Branch presidency is amazing. Basically everything is amazing! I did get my journal and pen Mom! Thanks for leaving it for me!and clip. I got that too. I do my laundry in a dungeon and we get 50 minutes of work out time four times a week!!!!!!! I LOVE IT! We are suppose to get up by 6:30 at the latest, my companion and I get up and 5:25 to study and I generally find my self fully conscious around 3:30 AM! sometimes I canfall back asleep and sometimes I can't. When I can't I just study. Lights out is at 10:30 and my room is Stellar wehn is come to abiding by the rule for our mission!!! The Lord blesses you when you do as he asks and we are allllll about blessings. The only other person beside Sister Morgan that I've seen Is Elder Head. It was crazy!!!! He is the old roommate of Emily Gray's Friend (and mine) named Dustin!!! And right before I left Rexburg I got a priesthood blessing from him and Dustin for my shoulder and my confidence!!!! It was so good to see him and so unexpected! He is serving in California, spainish speaking and got here one week before i did. WoW! time goes by so fast. I wont beable to write much more but I want To! Mom, in the letter to Dad I wrote of some really cool experiences, could you put them on the blog too? Thanks! I love you all!!! your are the besty! you are always in my thoughts and prayers!! Moroni 8:3!! (This reference is in the Book of Mormon. If you are reading this and don't have a copy, get one from the Elders in your area!!! there will be many more!!!) I feel like this letter is such a shell of what I wanted it to be.God be with all of you until we meet again!!!I love you all

Sister Bailey

April 1, 2009
Week 2

Thanks for all the letters to all who wrote me!!! Famjam, You are great. I always enjoy reading what you have to say and I hope you enjoy the pictures!!! LINDSEY!!! write me I love you.
This week was really good, really funny. Productivity will hopefull go up this week.We worked hard this week but there was ALOT of fun. I think the long hours in the same 15 by 15 white washed walls is starting to get to everyone a little bit. The really sad thing is that Sister Parker and I are going to be left by our lonesome next week. Our distrct is leaving for the field and we have a week of visitor center stuff to do. Boo. It wouldn't be half as bad if they weren't leaving. We've grown so close. We're going to miss them. Thank goodness for letters.
SO some funny things from this week:
We were doing a mock lesson, the Canadian Elders were the missionaries and the American Elders were the investigators. Elder Beard pronounced Elder Van Bruggen's name correctly and Elder Van Bruggen said, "Thats very good! Are you Dutch?" Elder Beard, "No, but I've been to Dutch before."
That was the end of the lesson. It was hilarious.
Elder Bailey and I ate bananas at breakfast by breaking them in half and shoving the whole thing in our mouths. The Elders were all incredable impressed, which was confusing, but flattering none the less. I was actually embarrassed at how much I enjoyed the cheering and aplause.
Elder Beard and Elder Baker were having a starring contest and Elder Van Bruggen didn't know. He was trying to talk to them and got pretty frustrated finally exclaiming "Why aren't you talking to me?!?!?!" and smacked Elder Bread across the face. Also hilarious. Elder Bread got him back later that day though. He was listening to the bookshelf and told Elder Van Bruggen that you could "hear people talking" in there. When Elder Van Bruggen put his ear on the bookshelf to hear, Elder Beard gave the other side of the Bookself a good smack. Elder Van Bruggen's face was priceless. he then said, "Hey! Why does Sister Parker only laugh when people get hurt?" We have the best District ever. Oh! and we found out that our teacher Brother Neary can fit his ear through a ring. That you put on your finger. It was really weird. Then I found out I could do it too and it was even weirder. I sent a picture home about it. (to the family). You should all try it.
Sister Parker and I were able to make it to the temple today and it was wonderful. The Elders finished before us and then waited for us outside. We really do have the best Elders. They might be nuts but they are so focused on this work and they love the gospel so much. I love it. They are wonderful.
My all time favorite thing about this week was on Tuesday at devotional. Elder Brewerton from the quorm of the Seventy spoke. He said this, "You cannot exagerate how important you are in the Lord's eyes". He was saying it referring to the missionaries in the audience but I couldn't help but think of how it applied to all of us. You CANNOT exaggerate how important you are in the eyes of the Lord. Or your nieghbor. Or the members of your family. Or the people you care about the most. In D&C 18 the Lord talks about this too; that "the worth af a soul is great in the sight of God", but I liked the way he put it. Are we thinking of ourselves and the people around us in this manner? Are we treating them the way God would expect us to treat them? Are we treating ourselves the way he would expect us to treat ourselves? Are we keeping that in mind when we fight and argue? And are we finding comfort in this when trials come our way or to our loved ones? Because we should. I am so glad to have testimony of that, particularly now as I am away from you all. I could never exaggerate how important you are in the Lord's eyes and in mine. Remember that. I know that The Lord is with you. I know this because I know how important you all are to him and because you are all in my prayers. My prayers have become a very lengthy part of my day and I am so greatful for it. I love you all. God be with you.

Sister Bailey

April 10, 2009

HAPPY EASTER! OUR LORD IS RISEN! HE LIVES! HE LIVES! I know that He Lives! And because He does we can too! Moses 1:39 " For this is my work and my glory. To bring to pass the immortallity and eternal life of man!" Easter is not given the credit and focus it deserves. It is about so much more than bunnies and pastel colors. It is His birth day!His resurrection! The day that death was conquered and the way was made, the gate unlocked! D&C128: 22 Shall we not go on in so great a cause? go forward! not backward! onward onward to victory!!!
We already know who wins this war. We just have to decide which side we want to be standing with in the last day. I know where I am. I know where I will be. Always and forever.
Ok, so this week hasn't been anything earth shattering. Kind of sad actually. Our whole disrict left on Tuesday so Sister Parker and I have been a little meloncholy(SP?). We leave on Tuesday (the 14th). We are so ready to leave. All the V.C. sister's are. The MTC is still amazing, it's just a little lonely. Tomorrow we go to temple square then it's Sunday, then we pack, then we leave. The count down is on! Thanks to all who wrote! The letters mean so much and I love hearing about you. There's not much to write about this week. General Conference was AWSOME and there couldn't be a better way to send off our disrict. We got to spend so much time with them! My favorite quote from this week comes from one of my teachers. "You will feel more than you are when you are standing next to the Savior". I know this to be true. I have felt how that feels. I am feeling that right now. This whole time. The kind of progression that happens in the Gospel is like progress on steriods and I know that it is because God can throw you farther than any of us can jump. I absolutely love this work. I absolutely Love this gospel. I absolutely Love you.

Sister Bailey.

Moroni 7:29 and 27!!!!!! These are both from the Book of Mormon again. If you're reading this and don't have one yet I'm serious when I say *get one. The references are not going to stop.

*if you want one and are in the NO. VA area Anne's mom can get one for you...just call her!

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