Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wahoo Nauvoo

Apr 15 (1 day ago)

We arrived in St. Louis around 1:15 pm central time. When we first got here the whole Mission Presidency was there to meet us and they took us all out to dinner before making the 3 hour drive back to Nauvoo. We ate at a Homestyle Buffet that was actually pretty good. On the drive to Nauvoo we all got to know each other. There were three different vans with 6 Sisters each, so there are 18 Sisters total. 11 of us are straight from the MTC and 7 of us are coming home from their outbounds. Some of the places they served were, Georgia, New Jersey, Chicago, Montana, Colorado...and other places i can't remember. Nauvoo lives up to it's name (beautiful in Hebrew) and it's actually kind of nice to get out of the mountains again (no offense to any Utah readers). I missed the green. We got a quick look at the Visitor Center before being herded into one of the theaters to have a meeting about some of the mission specifics. President Ludwig handled first things first and gave us our area assignments. It was really weird. As he pulled out the list I already knew where I was going. I was absolutely positive. I also knew that Sister Parker would not be coming with me. It was weird not to be with her last night, but the callings we received are divinely inspired and I'm so thankful that the Lord is leading this work and that I have him to follow, him to lean on and him to build on. Helaman 5:12!!!(Book Of Mormon). Always remember that. There is so much comfort in that knowledge and that promise. I will be stationed in Carthage for at least my first transfer. There are 5 other sisters stationed there and four sets of Senior missionaries that had little goody bags waiting for us. Above all else you can be assured that I am VERY well taken care of. We live in an old Victorian house that has been refurnished and cut up into 5 different apartments. 5? 6? I can't remember. I have already fallen in love with the Mississippi River. I'm not quite sure why really, but I think it may be because it perfectly reflects what ever sky God has picked out for me that day. The sunsets are breath taking and the air is so much cleaner than anywhere else I have ever been. Everything is cleaner, clearer, crisper. I am so excited to finally be here and can't wait to finally start. These next couple days will be spent doing interviews, touring, trekking, going to meetings and other little things. Today we got our pioneer dresses (which I won't be wearing at Carthage) and got our grocery shopping done in Keokuk Iowa. Yes, we have to leave the state in order to find a Wal-mart. This morning before coming back to Nauvoo three other Sisters (Sister Paterson, Sister Stagg, and Sister Picard) all went for a run. A RUN!!! OUTSIDE! It felt so good. We get assigned our companions during our interviews with President Ludwig today and I have yet to go in, so I can't tell you anything about that.
OH YEAH!!!!! The Temple is GORGEOUS and we get to go tomorrow. The Saints were so dedicated to this place. It meant so much to them and the Temple was a huge part of that. The hope they received from the temple was both the thing that made it so hard to walk away and the thing that helped them face the trial they faced on the long road ahead of them after the Prophet Joseph Smith was murdered. The knowledge that they would be together with their loved one for time and all eternity helped them press on. I am so grateful that I have this blessing in my life. That I have access to those blessings that come from the temple. That I will be with them in this life and see and hear and laugh with them in the life to come. I love all of you.
Tonight we are having dinner at the Ludwig's house. I expect it to be wonderful time. I hope all is well back home. I want to thank you all for your prayers. They are felt here and goodness knows that if there be any time in my life when I need your prayers it would be now. And thank you for your letters! We haven't gotten the mail yet today but I look forward to reading your letters!!!! I love you I love you. I love you.

Sister Bailey

2Nephi1:9 &15. These are some verses I have been pondering. Verse 9 holds the instructions and verse 15 holds the promise

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