Monday, September 28, 2009

I had an interesting Friday.

Saturday, September 26th

I have only ever been to the state of Washington once in my life. It was the worst road trip I had ever taken. The best part was the ten hour drive there and the ten hour drive back to Rexburg with, who was then Mallory Mills, and is now, Mallory Daybell. I am grateful and excited that my second trip there will be much better, one in which I will be able to fall in love with Washington.
Last night we all went to President's house to gather before we went to clean the temple. We were all excited. He read a string of scriptures about missionary work. He then pulled out a piece of paper and informed us that we were not going to clean the temple, that instead, he had decided to tell us where the Lord was sending us next. I did not want to know. I had set myself up for Monday. I was the third name called. The Lord has sent me to the Washington Spokane mission. I will be flying there on Wednesday October 7, 2009. The call really came from left field for me. Shock is probably the best word to describe my initial reaction, but as soon as my brain shut up a feeling of peace started to grow within my heart. The peace I expected to feel upon opening my original call letter, one that I did receive concerning the Nauvoo Illinois Mission, but not until much later. I needed to struggle with that first call. I needed to. Not with this one. That feeling of peace was such a sweet assurance that the Lord is mindful of ever needful thing. Not just for me, but for every one of us.

I will be excited to write again on Tuesday when I have been able to gather my thoughts a little better. I wasn't even going to write today, but I thought you might like to know as soon as I did.

Sister Bailey. D&C100

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