Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Time moves quickly, no surprise

This letter is an odd one to write because so little time has past between this one and my last. Sister Brinkerhoff and Sister Stagg left this morning. It was a very bitter morning in the Hatch house.
Transfers went great. My companion is Sister Lukens. She is 5' 2", an amazing missionary, and from California. She graduated as an English major and is planning to do graduate school when she gets home. I love her. The past 48 or so hours have been good ones. I feel like we have a good plan for the next 2 weeks. This transfer is going to be/already is so weird. So short. It's like a little goodbye transfer for all the Sisters. We are making our preparations to leave both temporally and spiritually. Yesterday, Sister Lukens asked me what the best experience from my last transfer was. We both laughed at the impossibility of the question, but it made me think back on things I need to write about. My loftiest goal is to get caught up in my journal before we leave on our outbounds. As Nauvoo has slowed down the Lord has blessed me with so many tender mercies. So many spiritual experiences. It felt like Pageant was one big spiritual experience, but after pageant, as things slow down and people say goodbye, there has been something each day, something distinct and over powering that has built up my spirit like the saints did the city of Nauvoo. It makes me feel strangely close to this place.
The words obedience and obey often have a negative connotations connected with them. However, we are teaching lesson four this week in "Angels in the outfield" and it is entitled "Keeping the commandments. Commandments are given so that we can be happy. "Men are that they might have joy". Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to be happy! Wouldn't it make sense for Him to give us instructions on how to do all that? I want to testify now that when we willingly put forth effort and do what our Father in Heaven has asked us to do, no matter how hard it may seem, He will provide a way for us to do it.
He will help. He wants to help. Let Him. Besides, if "obedience" makes you feel like a tool I would invite you to read and ponder upon Mosiah2:33, "For behold, there is a wo pronounced upon him that listeth to obey [the evil spirit]; for if he listeth to obey him, and remaineth and dieth in his sins, the same drinketh damnation to his own soul; for he receiveth for his wages an everlasting punishment, having transgressed the law of God contrary to his own knowledge". The funny thing about obeying the evil spirit is that often times we think that we are rebelling or being open minded, or freeing ourselves of some oppression. Really what has happened, is that instead of obeying God, someone who loves us, and wants the best for us, who promises us eternal life and happiness, we choose to obey someone who only wishes to do us harm, to drag us down, and break our souls. Who promises us an eternity of punishment and anguish. Sometimes, when God asks us to do something, we have a tendency to ask why. The same question can be asked when Satan asks us to do something. "Why?" I can promise that a reasonable, logical answer will not come.

Obedience to God brings the blessing of Eternal Life.

Sister Bailey

Mosiah 13

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