Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Greetings from Moscow

YES. Moscow. Actually it's pronounced Moss-Coh. I am in the south of the pan handle of Idaho. It's cold. I came at an odd time with only one week left in the transfer so who knows where I'll be next week. I love all the missionaries I have met and we have become fast friends. And yes mom, my mission president (President Palmer) does have a new Zealand accent. It's fun. When I arrived I spent the night at President Palmer's house. It was the best night sleep I've gotten in my life. At 7am I had a short interview with them and then he sent me off to Moscow.
The past 4 days have been crazy good. My new companions are Sister Jurado (Sister Hurado) and Sister Brown. They are really good missionaries. They have been such a blessing. We are teaching a lot. I'm serving in the married student wards of Idaho University. We cover three wards. We teach everyone, but we work with the members of those specific wards. It's an interesting set up and hard to explain. I met the Bishops, relief society presidents, and ward mission leaders of every ward on Sunday. We bike. When I first got here all we did was bike, but now we have a mini-van and share it with the singles ward Sisters so we bike every other day. Probably the coolest thing ever, right now, are all the Spanish lessons we've been teaching. Sister Jurado speaks Spanish fluently and so we've been teaching a lot of lessons in Spanish. We all still teach. She translates what she can and the Spirit does the rest! It is so cool to both feel and see how the Spirit can transcend any barrier that might lie in it's way.
Elder Bednar (an apostle of the Lord) is coming to talk to us on Saturday. We are all really stoked. What a great way to start out my six months here. On the other hand, I just got an e-mail from the Henricksons from Nauvoo. All the Sisters leave Nauvoo and the PROPHET of God shows up. Yes. Thomas S. Monson is in Nauvoo right now and I am sitting at a computer at the institute building in Moscow, Idaho. It's a good thing I have been sent here by the Lord with a work to do and the most important massage in the world to share with people. Otherwise I might be a little put out.
I called the Nauvoo visitor's center today to get my driving information faxed over here to the mission office. It was the weirdest thing to talk to the Senior missionaries on the phone. It was like calling my friends. I love them and miss them so much, as I do all of you.
That's all right now. I love you. Sorry for how short this e-mail is. I'm still kind of star struck by it all. My head is swimming.

Sister Bailey

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