Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shot to the heart

I have only been in the field for a week and a half and it already feels like my heart has been ripped out. We had transfer calls last night. I have been transferred to "Liberty Lake". I'm excited, but I had no idea how torn I would be. I am in love with Moscow. I am in love with the people I'm teaching. I know in my heart I will probably never see them again. We have been teaching Ramundo English and, in order to do so, I have been learning Spanish. I can now bare my testimony in Spanish and let everyone know that I can speak "broken Spanish". Enough to communicate. Sister Jurado is also transferring out of the area and Sister Brown is staying here. We are going out to lunch with Ramundo to say goodbye, which is, in part, why this e-mail is so short. We want to be on time. I will miss this place so much. The doctrine of eternal families and eternal life are joyous ones. I know I may never see these people again in this life, but what a reunion will take place in the life to come! And we'll be able to fully communicate to each other. :)
To my understanding my new companion, Sister Bruner, and I will be opening Liberty Lake. That means missionaries (at least Sisters) have not been in the area for a long time. We get to start from scratch. What a way to hit the ground --- running. Sister Bruner is five nothing and 80 lbs!!! Tiny! I met her at a Mission Meeting on Saturday when the whole mission met in Spokane to listen and talk with Elder Bednar. It was a very neat experience.

I love this Gospel. I know it to be true. I love this work!!! and I love all of you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. <333

Sister Bailey

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