Friday, February 12, 2010

JOY to the world, The gospel is true

So lots of snow in D.C. I hear? Everyone keeps trying to strike up conversations about the snow storms back home. Member and not member alike. I still can’t find a way to bridge that to the gospel. The best I’ve come up with is “Yeah, while we serve our missions we actually don’t watch the news or listen to the radio so we can be more focused on our work, which is the most important work in the world. Would it be important for you to…know whether God had called a prophet in our day?” Or any other question that focuses on more eternal things than the weather. Lindsey must be loving it! Being a senior in high school she doesn’t make up any of her snow days!
     It happened. One of our investigators moved. She’s in the Elders area now (Elder Denson and Elder Freckleton). She had disappeared for a while and then she called us yesterday so that we could call in the troops to help her get her stuff out of her apartment. We called the elders and told them about her. They should be meeting her today actually. Elders D & F are fantastic elders. It has been so good to have them be the ones to take our investigators. We know that they will be taken care of and be able to partake in the blessings of baptism.
     We are still doing a lot of finding, tracting, contacting etc. We taught a woman we tracted into this past week. She’s neat. She’s studying with us and the Buddhists. She wants us to meet with her daughter who has no religious background at all but believes there is a God and her husband, who use to be a Catholic, but doesn’t practice it anymore because he doesn’t believe everything is in the Bible. We’re excited to meet them. The Harrisons are back in town also and we are excited to start seeing them again. We are looking forward to meeting and teaching a woman that the Elders found on our last blitz. We’re meeting her tomorrow hopefully. Her family seemed fantastic and the elders said that she seemed anxious to have us back. We’re praying for her.
Liberty Lake is still truckin’ along.
     There were also women who are not members in relief society this Sunday. One is a long time attender whose husband is a member and one is Sister Lothian (our former investigator who is now being taught by the elders and can’t wait to be baptized). The other three can’t be counted as people we’re teaching yet, but they are fantastic and have been coming for the past two Sundays. Hopefully they will become investigators shortly. We need to get a hold of their friends who are members and find out what’s going on.
     Eric Sande is still the best. The thing about him is that he’s a strength to everyone! He’s the best and people notice it. People in the ward look up to him, the youth, the adults, myself. He is a beacon for all of us. You can see his testimony shine through his eyes.
     We are keeping our hopes high for February.
     The men in Liberty Lake are hard hearted and stiff-necked. They get mad at their wives for meeting with us and it’s been kind of frustrating. One of our investigators has basically stalled out because her husband wont let her come to church. A former investigator is planning on one day showing up to church whenever her husband decides to come with her. He refuses. It’s hard to watch both someone’s agency and, in a sense their eternity, be thwarted by someone they love.
     I know this gospel is true. I know that there is a plan for us put together by a loving Father in heaven and that that plan is centered on Jesus Christ and our agency. Following the commandments puts us in a position to use   that agency to obtain a fullness of joy. That fullness of joy cannot be had by any other means.
     We went to the temple today. It was awesome. I love the temple. I had this epiphany too! But as I tried to explain it to Sister Salisbury when I got the chance. I couldn’t really put it into words. It was a little disappointing. I am looking forward to going back and learning more. I love the temple. There is no place like it on earth. It should be and can be everyone’s goal.

Sister Bailey.


p.s. I just got a call from Our investigator who moved into the elders area. I cannot even begin to describe the joy that was pouring out of the phone. The move went SO WELL. She was so impressed with the men that showed up to help her (our Elders quorum). She said, "Sister Bailey, I have never seen so many people work so hard and be so happy doing it!!  Are all those guys with you?" I got so tell her that yes, all those guys are "with us". They are each members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and they are happy serving because they are blessed by the gospel. The gospel makes you happy.

I know that some of you may not fully understand, but that phone call was the sugar on top of missionary work. The gospel makes us happy. It gives us eternity. I love it! I love this work! Her joy is mine.

Thank you Mica Peak's Elders Quorum.

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