Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Little bit of this and that...

It’s kind of painful to watch the different ways in which Satan tries to tear people down when they find something good. And true.

A family we’ve been teaching --- or trying to teach ----has had their life go absolutely nuts ever since meeting us. And in ways that we can’t really help with. We’re hoping to set up an appointment for this week because they still want to meet with us but life really wont let them right now. He’s been getting surgeries and her son got mad at his dad on the other side of the state and never wants to talk to him again so she’s had to be on the phone with lawyers and counselors and things. The latest is that she’s had to go to court to see if they can’t clean up the situation at all. 

We’re looking forward to being able to meet with a lot of people this week. It should be an awesome week.

OH!!!!! And I have been meaning to write about Chris!!!!! Sister Bruner and I met a guy named Chris in the Elder’s area a while back. He faced some real challenges when it came to baptism and had set the goal like 3 or 4 times. With a date! He said that it was weird that we stopped by. That he had “Just been thinking about going back to church”. We told him that we were his wake up call. That he needed to go back to church and he needed to track down the elders. Apparently he did!!!!!! Our Zone leaders let me know that he got baptized  a couple of weeks ago!!!! I was so happy!!!!!!!!! I loved him!!!!!

I guess you all probably figured out that I’m not leaving Liberty Lake unless it’s for Nauvoo.  Sister Salisbury and I are staying together!!! Yeah! Our District it getting rocked though. Two elders have gone home and we’re losing our district leader.  Or rather, I’m losing my district leader. (He’s going to be a zone leader of another Zone). Elder Bertoch has been my district leader my entire winter assignment minus two weeks. It’s going to be very weird to serve with out him and very hard to warm up to a new district leader.  I have a hard time warming up to people. This transfer is going to stretch me. I need to learn to trust people and I need to learn to do it in a short amount of time. It’s probably exactly what I need. It’ll be fine. We’re getting three new elders! Elder Trowbridge is stuck with us. Another weird thing will be being the oldest in the district. I will have been in the Liberty Lake District for 6 months, longer than anybody. I love it here. I love the people, I love the Gospel. I love the wards. I love this work!


It’s a short one today.


Love you all.

Sister Bailey.



After the trial of your faith, Weak thing shall be made strong.

That’s a promise. But it is only realized after all the hard stuff.

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