Monday, March 22, 2010

One Big Hungarian Hug

We found and taught two new people this week. It was so good. One is actually the roommate of someone else we were trying to teach. The roommate was never home and we always offer to teach him too and this past time he took a pause and gave it some good thought. He invited us back and it was an Awesome lesson! We’ll have to eventually hand him over to the Elders in the singles ward, but it has been so good to teach him. The reason that he didn’t want to meet with missionaries (at least what it seemed like) was because he has totally figured out the apostasy all by himself. He has tried to find the answers to his questions, but has never been able to. He feels like religion, throughout the years, has been used to get gain and take advantage of people. Which, it kind of has, because of corrupt men. We talked to him about the loss of authority and changing of the teachings and he kept saying “I know!” and then going off on a tangent and teaching the next part of the lesson. By the end of it he was so much more open. We talked to him about not taking our word for it and how he needs to pray about all we shared with him. He wasn’t sure how his answer would come but had talked earlier about how he knows God loves him “Because [he] just does. It’s just this feeling”. We explained that that feeling was the Holy Ghost bearing witness to him that God loved him and that, just as God wanted him to know that He loved him, He also wanted him to know the truth. And that his answer would come as that same feeling or something like it. Right now he is reading and praying and we are so excited to see him on Thursday!!!

The other person we met lives across the street from a family in the ward. Things were going crazy so we set up another appointment in order to come back and teach the whole family. (His wife was sick downstairs and the kinds were taking advantage of it). They seem like a great family!!! I love them already. We were teaching them about our purpose as missionaries and gave a brief overview of all the lessons. We taught what the Book of Mormon is and why it is important. We set up another appointment and are going to teach them this Saturday. We also let them know what time church was. They are new to the area and haven’t been able to find a church to attend. They both have Baptist backgrounds and moved here about four months ago from just north of Colorado Springs. They also know one of our former investigators! We stopped by to see her this week and she mentioned that they mentioned us, which is awesome because she loves us!!! So she will totally talk us up! I am so excited to teach a family!!! And they are in the Liberty Lake ward!!!

We are so excited for a couple of the people we’ve been meeting with. We’ve been helping people quit smoking and one should be smoke free by the time we see her tonight. The other should be smoke free by the end of the month!! I am so excited for them!!!

The Lord is really working on one of the families we’ve been working with. They might not come to church every Sunday yet, but He is working on them. They are facing some real trials right now and they have been turning towards the church for help. I’m not wishing more trials on them or anything, but it has been AWESOME to have them turn to the church in their hour of need. The ward has been fantastic in their support, one family particularly. The Dad in the family finally found his patriarchal blessing. He said he was going to read it that night! I know that as he reads it he will be reminded of how much his Heavenly Father loves him.

Frank came to church this week. He visits quite frequently and is familiar with a lot of the missionaries in the mission. He is living in Kellogg and has a VERY thick Hungarian accent. He has taken a liking to the sisters. So, in Sacrament meeting yesterday I saw him looking round for us. I went up to see how he was right before sacrament meeting started, “How are you doing Frank? Frank. Hey Frank!” As soon as I got his attention I wished I hadn’t. As I put out my hand to shake his, he threw his arms out and let out a very loud, very Hungarian laugh as he wrapped his arms around me and picked me up in the middle of the chapel. Out of the corner of my eye I saw one of them members start cracking up. There weren’t very many that didn’t see it. It was so funny. It left me a little frazzled to say the least.

I know this gospel is true. I’ve had a couple hard moments this week (it was a fantastic week though). One was just recently. Elder Snyder called about our district going to the temple this transfer. Since it was my last transfer here I was really looking forward to going, especially with this district. When he called the APs (assistants to the Mission President) and explained that Sister Salisbury and I had gone to the Temple last transfer, but that we were hoping to go again because it was my last transfer here, they said no. It was really hard to hear. My initial reaction was to call them and fight my case, then to call them and ask if I could go if I got the mission president’s permission, then to just call the mission president and ask for permission. My heart fought. I kicked against the reality of it and planned to kick my way all the way to the Temple. As I sat at my desk after we hung up I just put my head down and breathed deeply. I prayed and I listened. I eventually came to the conclusion that I was being ridiculous. I still want to go to the Temple, but I have the responsibility to respect and support my priesthood leaders. Who was I to think to thwart the APs efforts to be obedient? I’m glad they aren’t changing the cards for me. I am proud of them.

This Gospel changes lives for the better. It blesses them. It gives us (as His children) an access to heaven the no one can find anywhere else. One of my favorite quotes about the gospel come from the movie “The Other Side of Heaven". It’s a realization that Elder Groberg came to on his mission and I can’t remember it exactly, but it goes something like this...

“There is a connection between heaven and earth. Missing it makes everything meaningless, including life. And finding it makes everything meaningful, including death.”

So I butchered it. But you get the point. This Gospel makes everything mean something. Without it, there’s not much reason to wake up on the morrow.

I love this Gospel. I know that it’s true. If anyone feels like something is missing, they can find it in the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The fullness of the truth has been restored to the earth and blessings are pouring from heaven.

Sister Bailey.

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