Tuesday, September 7, 2010

almost no post this week

September 7, 2010

I have spent most of my e-mail time e-mailing my Mission President today. I have a lot of things on my mind. The more time goes by the heavier and heavier my mind becomes and the harder and harder it becomes to lighten it.
Saturday was one of the most spiritual days I have had on my mission. Ever really. I felt so close to God the entire day. I was receiving so much important revelation. We ran the grape stomp and I didn't walk once, which was my goal. I got home and got ready for the day but wasn't in any hurry. In fact, by the time I got in the shower I'm pretty sure I was late. So, when Sister Hamano said from downstairs, "Sister Bailey we've got to go NOW!" I was just happy I was ready on time. When I looked at my watch after I had said , "OK I'm ready", I realized that we were way early for service. I paused just long enough to ask, "So, why are we leaving now"? Sister Hamano then explained that she had to go to the temple and interpret a wedding of a deaf man and his wife. I grabbed my temple bag and we were off. In the car I did the math and there was no way I could have gotten ready that fast even if I had been hurrying, and at the pace I had been moving at there was NO way. I knew that angels had moved me and quite possibly stopped time for a while in order to get us out the door when we needed to be. The Sister dropped us off at the temple and we ran inside. It was wonderful. It was the first temple marriage I've witnessed. I was filled with the spirit and kept thinking to myself, don't settle for less than this, don't settle for less. I felt so humble to be there. When it ended I wanted to tell them how much it meant to me. I have promised God I would be married in the temple on a number of occasions and felt redundant to be doing it again in the recesses of my heart. I said a heart filled prayer afterwards. The rest of the day was spent half on earth and half in heaven. I could hear the spirit so clearly. I could feel it's presence. I received promptings quickly and received much personal revelation in between. Tami and Nick walked in around 5. It was wonderful to see them. They are not members of the church and are concerned about their son who has been asking a lot of questions about life that they don't know the answers to. They had so many questions. I loved them so much. They were two of the most honest hearted, humble people I have ever met. They asked simple questions and they asked hard questions, but because of their hearts, because of their spirits, all of their questions were so easy to answer. The spirit gave me exactly what I needed to say. They wanted so much to learn more. They said they needed to ponder a little before they had missionaries come to their house, but they took the restoration pamphlet (about the bringing back of the authority to act in God's name and the things Jesus taught) and the plan of salvation pamphlet (about Heavenly Father's plan for each of us to return to Him) and the gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet. I had been carrying it around while I talked with them and referenced them once or twice. At the end of the tour Tami pointed to the pamphlets and said, "I want to read those books. May I have them?" There was no question. The Spirit said "Give her the books". I did. They are going to visit mormon.org and look at temples and listen to members testimonies. I know they are headed for good things. Great things, if they let God guide them. I was so grateful to be blessed enough to meet them. They were so honest. So humble. So easy to love. I haven't met very many people like them and it was one of the most spiritual experiences I've had. The day just continued. No matter what happened I felt the spirit there. It never left me. Everything that happened was like a lighting bolt from heaven. It was a very good day for me.

Time is flying by. Things sometimes don't feel like they happen. There is never enough time.

Sister Bailey
Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.

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