Friday, August 21, 2009

just a quick update

I have broken my streak. When transfers happened on Sunday, I, for the first time on my mission, did not pack up my bags and move. I am still in Nauvoo. Which is good! I love Nauvoo. It feels weird not to be in Carthage, but Nauvoo is just fine. That's the great thing about missions, as long as you are doing the work you will fall in love with any place, any people, at least for the time being. Although I am not in a new place I do have a new preparation day and new companion. Sister Westwood. She is also a signing sister. She is from Payson, Utah. Very sweet. Very sincere. It should be a good transfer. I think our differences with help us each learn a lot this transfer and it will be SO good for the lessons! Something I'm really looking forward to is "Angels in the outfield". Basically, since Nauvoo gets so slow come September, the Senior missionaries all make dinner appointments with us and we start teaching them the lessons to prepare to go into the field. I think Sister Westwood and I will teach well together.
       Today has been a lot of run around. not very fun really, moving rooms, looking for frames, cleaning the van, printing off pictures for everyone but myself etc. The best part of the morning was going to the Temple for a session. Of course, on a day that one attends the Temple that usually is the best part of the day.
       There is not much to say today, nor much time to say it in, so I will leave you a scripture to think about. St. Matthew 6:24-34. These verses tie a string around my heart and yank it in the right direction. I just need to follow.

(for anyone who knows how to count better than I can, yes, you are correct. I've been out for five months. Not six.That seemed rather quick.)

Sister Bailey

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