Monday, August 31, 2009

The Visitor's are gone, but the spirit is still strong

 The sun is out, the corn is high and the weather is near perfect. Welcome to Nauvoo. Sister Westwood and I have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off, so it must be another preparation day. We did some things around the house this morning and then headed off to clean the van and get gas before coming here to the Visitor's Center to e-mail.We plan to get load of stuff done, some errands in town, stop by the sewing room etc.. It should be a good day.
This week was a good one. Last Tuesday was an eventful day at the visitor's center. Sister Westwood and I got stuck in the elevator for a good 20 minutes, my old roommate Sara and Jimmy came in, a bat was flying around the visitor's center, when we got back after lunch we had surprise interviews with President Ludwig, and I talked to President Ludwig's brother in law on the phone in the call center. That was kind of fun. On Wednesday I served at the cultural hall and it was pretty slow. I served with Sister Warr and Sister Brockbank who are two of the funniest sisters in the mission, so I wasn't at all bored. Then Elder and Sister Meyers came in and it was pretty much a party. Elder Meyers had caught some raccoons and wanted to show them to me so we went out to his car and took a look. One was still fighting but the other two were very resigned to the predicament they had found themselves in . Elder Meyers is crazy and thought it would be fun to let one go, so he did and then chased it around the parking lot. It was funny. On Thursday Elder Brockbank made me eat a donut. He told sister Aston and I he had a surprise for us out in his car and when we had gotten half way across the parking lot he said " They're donuts!! Sister Bailey, I know you don't eat donuts, but I bought these for you and If you don't eat one I'm going to be offended!" What was I suppose to do?  I ate one. The man had like FOUR boxes of donuts in his car. It was ridiculous. We also found out that we are leaving October 7th ( not October 12th). President knows where we are going, but won't tell us until about a week before we leave.
       As slow as this place has gotten, the Lord has blessed all of the missionaries with some of the neatest experiences. I love serving. If you have a dull moment you're probably the one to blame. The spirit is too strong here to have a dull moment. When you think you have nothing to do, read the Book of Mormon! The pages come alive. I know that can be said for more than just missionaries. As we fill our extra time with the most important things in life., family, the Book of Mormon , the Ensign etc. , the Lord blesses us and our minds and spirits are fed. He is the living water and the bread of Life. He has asked us to "fest upon the word"..... not nibble, not pick, Feast.
       I love District meeting and Zone conference. I am looking forward to Angels in the outfield, but I am terrified at the same time. My studies are now basically wholly on the lessons so that I can teach with any companion I get.  I pray that each new companionship I teach in will be able to have the Spirit there to unify us in our teaching in such a short amount of time with little or no preparation. It's the little or no preparation that I am worried about, but, I know that the Father knows that we are doing our best and will aid us in our teaching.
       In District meeting this week president said, "Sometimes we have no idea what we volunteer for".  Isn't that the truth? The important thing is not how much or how little we understand about what we have promised to do, the important thing is what we DO with the promise we have made.
And when we feel faint hearted we can think about the promise that was made in Abraham Chapter 3.
(If you don't have "The Pearl of Great Price" you can find Abraham Chapter 3 on >>> Church Library >>>> Scriptures

Sister Bailey

I love you all

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