Sunday, August 16, 2009

A short note

Hello. Hello from a very slow, but surprisingly loud Nauvoo. Vocal Point and EFY are here. The combination calls for ear plugs, but due to the fact that I haven’t been to the store in over two weeks and won't be going until next week when both noisy visitors are gone, I am left lacking.
       Okay, okay, it’s not as bad as I made it sound. In fact it’s been really fun. The EFY kids, loud as they might be, bring a little “life to the party” or party to the life, depending on how you view the situation. Come August 18th all the YPMs will be gone and then the seniors will start dropping like flies, which is to say they are going home, not kicking the bucket in any “stop breathing” kind of way. It will be weird to come back to Nauvoo after being away so long. Same place, same feeling, same purpose, different people. I will be grateful to still have President and Sister Ludwig and the seniors that are left here. It will make it feel more like home.
       Actually, the more I think about that, same place, same feeling, same purpose, different  people, the more I feel I need to correct myself. It will be the same place, same feeling, same purpose and in a way, the same people, just different faces, and different stories. 4Nephi1:15-17 describes the kind of people you find here in Nauvoo. And the case will be the same next summer too.
       The call center is still my favorite place to be as of late.

Sorry this e-mail is so short. Next week is transfers so there will probably be more to say.

The gospel is true and I love this work. Thank you for you love and support.

Sister Bailey
Keep pressing forward.

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