Monday, July 12, 2010


June 22, 2010

"If These Rooms Could Speak"

If these rooms could speak,
What would they chose to say?
Which one would cry the loudest
Of the injustice done that day?
Would there be any shaky sighs,
Or mournful groans of pain?
Would there be anger in their sermons
From when a prophet here was slain?
Or would joy run through their timbers
To stand and testify!
Of the Lord's anointed servant,
Who had come here that day to die?
Would the dining room and parlor
Sing praises to the family
That gave and loved and served the man
In whom a goodness they could see?
Would the first floor cell tell
Of the songs they sang
And of the testimony borne
Of the book that bears the Savior's name?
Would the staircase raise a guilt filled cry
For carrying those feet?
For helplessly supporting those
Who sought for God's defeat?
And would the dungeon awesomely explain
The miracle it knows it saw:
Death conquered by charity
The weight of a mattress and some straw?
And that room that saw the bullets fly,
Would it declare with thunder,
The evil that stood outside it's door
The men determined to put him under?
Would they whisper the solace of forgiveness,
And beckon towards the Christ,
For whom his blood was spilt,
To whom he gave his life?
I think they'd stand in silence
Much like they do now,
Fostering the spirit,
To pierce as deep as each heart will allow.
So the spirit can be the teacher,
And the room provide a place
For the holy ghost to heal men's hearts
Each according to it's case

Written by: Sister Anne Bailey

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